Ireland: Day 4 {Galway & Connemara}

We made a brief trip back to Galway to watch a half marathon and check out the Saturday market booths. It was such a gorgeous day!

We then headed out in the direction of Kylemore Abbey. Along the way we enjoyed the gorgeous Connemara scenery. The weather was perfect and there weren’t very many cars on the road… Talk about ideal driving conditions!

Photo Pit stop #1 (Babbling Brook Edition)

Photo Pit stop #2 (Abandoned House Edition)

We arrived at Kylemore Abbey mid-afternoon. As soon as it came into sight, it took my breath away! It was so pretty it didn’t even look real!

The Abbey was formerly a Castle, built as a gift for Mitchell Henry’s wife, Margaret. Tragically, Margaret got sick while on a trip to Egypt and died suddenly. The Castle changed owners a few times following the tragedy and was eventually purchased by nuns. This is why it now known as Kylemore Abbey. Nuns live there to this day, but you are still able to tour the lower floors.

Mitchell Henry also built this small chapel in honor of his wife.

Not only is the Abbey stunning, the gardens are beautiful!

After a quick snack…

We went out for a bit more driving while we still had some daylight left.
We found ourselves in Roundstone – a cute little town which overlooked it’s harbor.

This brings us to Photo Pit Stop #3 (Amazing Pathway Edition)

We made the drive back to Galway and had our first Pub experience that evening. After finding ourselves in several packed out pubs filled with tourist on Saturday night, we made our way to a much more relaxed pub in Salthill. That one was filled with “locals”. And we loved it. The music, the Bulmers, and the conversations. I tried to sneak a few pictures but Jessica was super embarrassed every time I whipped out my giant camera so I didn’t get very many… But here’s what I have to offer.

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