Ireland: Day 10 {Kilkenny & journey home}

Here are the photos, as promised in my previous post, of Butler House. I highly recommend it. And not only is pretty to look at, it included a huge breakfast. I’m telling you, these Irish people have got their breakfasts down!

Boy was I ever wishing I had some way to photograph a bride and groom in the amazing courtyard.

Kilkenny Castle was just a short walk from Butler House. We took a self guided tour through the renovated Castle, and I couldn’t help imagining what it would have been like to be a princess. Didn’t take much pretending in a place like that!

We walked through the medival Kilkenny looking in shops, including an amazing little antique store, and wound up at St Canice’s Cathedral & Round Tower.

We wanted to climb up the tower but we got there right during their lunch break. Self-timer picture time commenced!

We got our ticket then made the climb up the tower! Wow that was an experience! So steep! Definitely not for anyone with a fear of heights or who gets claustrophobic. But the view of the city was wonderful!

The view looking down…

We also went inside the cathedral, and it was beautiful.

The Cathedral had a miniature model of Kilkenny. You can see Kilkenny Castle and the cathedral and tower!

We made our final car ride back to the Dublin airport – on which we did a bit of rainbow chasing!

We hit some traffic (Friday afternoon) which made things take a bit longer. It also so happened that our hotel was just around the corner from where a World Cup qualifier game was taking place between Ireland and Germany! Making downton Dublin a traffic nightmare. Thankfully we got a very nice cab driver who took us right to our BnB’s doorstep. We had planned on heading to the Temple Bar area to enjoy our last night in Ireland, but after the long day and being too far to walk, we opted for a nice relaxing dinner and somewhat early night in. Not what I would have planned for our last evening but that’s what worked and sometimes you just roll with it.
Our last dinner at Milano’s

On our last morning in Ireland we had a nice breakfast at the Waterloo House – our stay there was much too short! – and caught the bus to the airport. We were sad to leave but so incredibly grateful for the amazing trip we experienced together. I’ll remember it for ever!
Ireland, I will be seeing more of you soon I do hope!

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Antonia Daughtry - January 30, 2013 - 6:06 pm

Enjoyed your post – all 3 parts … my friend and I are going the end of May — your pictures were terrific. Glad you had such a great time – thanks for sharing.

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