2015 Highlights {A Few of My Favorite Photos from 2015}

Two Thousand and fifteen.  What a year you were!!  I don’t think I will ever have a year quite so memorable as 2015.

For starters…. I got engaged & married my wonderful husband Philip!  I love this guy!

12247822_10153827229368846_165591315416276234_o 12279146_10153827221938846_2058647293987691511_n

(photos by the AMAZING Alyssia B Photography)

Now that my wedding is over it has me even more excited about the future weddings I will have the privilege to photograph!  (And I will be able to appreciate just HOW MUCH WORK goes into every wedding!)  I admit that professionally 2015 it was a bit of a slower year for me, but I honestly think that it was the perfect amount considering how much I had going on with planning a wedding in just 5 months.  And the clients I did have the opportunity to work with were phenomenal, every single one of them were amazing.

Anyway, this is just a small taste of what I saw through my lens this year!  2015 you were quite a looker!

ZP8A9606 Bay Area Photographer Dominican University Engagement JulieEvan_0021 Bay Area Photographer Dominican University Engagement JulieEvan_0017 LyfordHouse_Wedding_Tiburon_Photographer_SanFrancisco_302 LyfordHouse_Wedding_Tiburon_Photographer_SanFrancisco_317 LyfordHouse_Wedding_Tiburon_Photographer_SanFrancisco_348 LyfordHouse_Wedding_Tiburon_Photographer_SanFrancisco_351 10423836_976849729025963_2955747632661433227_n Taber Ranch Napa Valley Lavendar Wedding Julie Evan_0041 Taber Ranch Napa Valley Lavendar Wedding Julie Evan_0059 2015-08-12_0104 Hannah Chris Point Bonita Lighthouse Elopement SF_0003 Hannah Chris Point Bonita Lighthouse Elopement SF_0024 Hannah Chris Point Bonita Lighthouse Elopement SF_0035 Hannah Chris Point Bonita Lighthouse Elopement SF_0052 Fairmont SF Wedding Grace Cathedral VinceFrancesca_0063 Fairmont SF Wedding Grace Cathedral VinceFrancesca_0031 Fairmont SF Wedding Grace Cathedral VinceFrancesca_0006 ZP8A3560 Sacramento Firehouse Restaurant Wedding Photographer_0016 Sacramento Firehouse Restaurant Wedding Photographer_0039 PointReyesEngagementPhotosRomanticLC_0015 PointReyesEngagementPhotosRomanticLC_0061 EmilyMichaelCalgaryWeddingBohemian_0070 EmilyMichaelCalgaryWeddingBohemian_0057 SacramentoWeddingPhotography_0020 CharlesIrene163 CharlesIrene176

UCDavisEngagement_Proposal_Photographer_RK_0002 UCDavisEngagement_Proposal_Photographer_RK_0014

And last but not least – just a few Behind the Scenes photos!  I love when other photographers post their’s so I’ll have to do a better job of flagging those “BTS” shots for next year’s post!

Yours truly, armed & ready to go.

SacramentoWeddingPhotography_0001 SacramentoWeddingPhotography_0003

Doesn’t it add to the photo to have your photographer in the bottom corner??

SacramentoWeddingPhotography_0004 SacramentoWeddingPhotography_0005

Juggling lenses over my eyes is just how I roll apparently.

Thanks Shelby for the fun shots! SacramentoWeddingPhotography_0006

Veils + wind at a light house is no joke!

SacramentoWeddingPhotography_0007 SacramentoWeddingPhotography_0009

But wedding wands + beards can make for a fun joke 😉


My glamorous second shooter, Kristen.


Sometimes photographers like to goof off with flash in parking lots…  (that’s me & Kristen in there)


Second shooters are really useful for testing the light, thanks Katie!


But ask her one too many times to test the light – and you get this look… 😉 haha


All jokes aside, I love shooting with Katie!


And sometimes photographers (*ahem*Nicole&Lisa*) can’t help a quick turn in a photobooth…



Well that about wraps up 2015.  Thank you so much for every single person who made this year so wonderful.  Clients, fellow photographers, friends and famly – you have made me one happy gal!  Thank you again!

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