Romantic European Stylized Wedding {Yolanda Ranch}

It was such a lovely day when an email from Sarah of Sarah Schweyer Photography popped in my inbox.  She was inviting me to participate in a beautiful styled shoot she was putting together.  As a photographer – this is like being invited to an all you can eat buffet of your favorite food.  The team put together for this shoot was incredibly talented and I was so overjoyed to have been able to attend this shoot & capture it.  There’s a movement in the photography industry that values community over competition.  I love that so much – some of my very best friends are fellow photographers that I met when I became a wedding photographer!

It’s amazing what a group of creatives can put together when they get to dream up a wedding.  I completely identified with so many elements of this European-esque wedding shoot.  The colors, the old world feel, all the fantastic looking food elements – it was like a feast for the eyes!  This was also my first visit to Yolanda Ranch and I was so impressed.  This gem of a wedding venue in Yolo county was wonderful to shoot at.  (It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a historic house).

Enough of my gabbing, and let me get on to the beautiful shoot!  Hope you enjoy and feel as inspired as I did!  See the end of the post for full list of vendor credits.


YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0057 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0059

YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0001 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0002 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0003 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0004 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0009 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0011
YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0013 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0012 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0014 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0016 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0020 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0022 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0023

YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0027 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0017
YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0031 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0028
YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0035 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0034

YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0060 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0045 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0062 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0063

YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0037 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0038 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0039
YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0047 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0046 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0054

YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0051 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0050 YolandRanchWedding_Woodland_Romantic_ShannonMorse_0052

Events by Rebecca – event styling & coordination

Love and Lemons Creative – paper goods & calligraphy

Yolanda Ranch – venue & rentals

Paper Heart Patisserie – cakes & pastries

Miosa Bride – bridal boutique

Calla Blanche – wedding gown

Miss Marissa Artistry – make-up artist

Sara Starr – hair stylist

Ariana Lauren – model

Foxglove & Fern – florals

Rebecca Desnos – plant dyed ribbons

The Mrs. Box – ring box

Beaux Ties – bow ties & adornments

Antique Owl – vintage & table top rentals

La Tavola – linens & runners

Turkovich Wine – Wine

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