Bryan & Gina {Engagement + Family Portraits}

I had such a wonderful time capturing both engagement photos as well as family photos for Bryan, Gina, and their adorable family!  Bryan and Gina will be tying the knot later this summer and we spent an afternoon together documenting this exciting time.  (Because there is no doubt it will go by in a flash!)  Bryan and Gina are the sweetest together.  I loved seeing both their romantic side with each other and their loving parent side with Georgia and Dash.  I feel so privileged to be able to capture both these photos and their upcoming wedding.  Documenting these moments are what I am all about.  Congratulations Bryan & Gina!  Can’t wait for the wedding!

PS – Gina you look stunning and are going to be such a gorgeous bride!

NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0001 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0002 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0004 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0005 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0006 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0008 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0009 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0010 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0011 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0013 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0014 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0015 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0017 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0018 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0019 NovatoEngagementSession_GinaBryan_0020

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