Jonathan & Juliana {Presidio Engagement Session}

I’m obsessed with Juliana & Jonathan’s engagement session!  We got up way before the sun to make this shoot happen – but it was absolutely worth it.  We had Lovers Lane in the San Francisco Presidio all to ourselves and it was just magical.  Such a romantic spot!  The second location we went to was also perfect and full of meaning – it was in the rolling hills just outside of the city where John proposed!  The setting and views were breath taking.

I loved photographing these two.  They were so natural in front of the camera and so sweet with each other.  It was so much fun photographing these engagement photos I already know I’m going to adore their wedding.  Congratulations on your engagement you two and I’m so excited for your wedding!

SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0001 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0002 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0038 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0006 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0008

SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0033 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0034 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0013 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0039 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0015 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0017 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0020 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0022 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0025 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0023 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0024 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0021 SanFranciscoPresidioEngagementJJ_0027

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Ching Jou - May 19, 2017 - 8:15 pm

I thought these fantastic scenes only in the movie! Wow, what a beautiful couple with our whole heartly blessing! Lov you

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