Pumpkin Patch News! {Personal}

It’s the time of year where everyone’s pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin patch trip photos all start popping up on social media.  And even though it’s a bit cliche, I think it’s only so popular because it’s such a wonderful time of year!  Recently my sisters, niece, nephew, Sam, and friend Kristen and I all went to the local pumpkin patch.  While we were there we decided to take a fun little photo to announce some big changes coming to my little family…

New little pumpkin will be added to our patch next spring!  This makes baby #2 for Philip and I, and we could not be more excited.  We love our boy Sam so much, and we cannot wait for him to have a little brother or sister.



And while I was at it with the post, I thought I should share a few more photos from our pumpkin patch adventure.  The photos of little Roland crack me up, we could not get him to smile to save our lives.  Avery was running around the patch in her pink princess dress excited as anything.  And we even managed to grab a group sister+kid photo, and can’t forget a photo with Kristen!  Happy Fall everyone!

Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0013 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0002 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0003 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0006 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0008 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0011 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0012 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0017 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0018 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0019 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0020 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0021 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0023 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0024 Pumpkin_Patch_Solano_County_Photographer_0027

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